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Windward Tags need to support Tick Mark

We have bought your software windward tag and about to go live and the pdf needs to mandatorily support tick mark instead of x mark.

Windward Support Team,

We have checkboxes to design user choices in Auto Tag Windward form, but when we generate the pdf , windward is not generating a user friendly checkbox UI element as part of pdf generation. Windward puts a x mark what we need is a tick mark

In the attached image it is indicated very clearly that at the top section where there is a x mark is what windward generates .

However what we need is a tick mark instead of x mark

Bottom line please provide us a programmatic solution for us to have checkboxes with a square boxes to show options along with a tick mark(no cross mark) next to the option , so that the generated pdf is clean .

Please do take this feature as just a silly UI unfortunately we are filing the case with govt of california and they require tick marks and not cross mark and this is a critical feature for our business and not a cosmetic feature.

Thanks and Regards
Rajesh Natarajan

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  • Rajesh Natarajan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The fix has to be applied in .NET ENgine which we are using in the run time and in the Auto Tag designer this has to be supported.

    We are okay if the fix is done only in the .NET Runtime windward Engine and not in the tag designer - in the sense all checkboxe selections can universally support only tickmarks and not cross marks

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