1. Validation to identify non-existent XML data sources  ·  declined

  2. Excel worksheet display or be dropped based on value from data

  3. Allow windward to distinguish between duplicate tables with different schema names on same postgres database  ·  declined

  4. Would like the RESTful engine to be able to return plain text instead of base64 encoded response for CSV output  ·  declined

  5. Refresh Tags  ·  declined

  6. Create functionality in Java Engine to skim document template variables/nodes  ·  declined

  7. There should be an option for tag output of QR codes that does not use an external API  ·  completed

  8. Query to generate a subset, varNameXX, of the XML file.  ·  declined

  9. Consistent color for series in chart - Basic Functionality  ·  declined

  10. Automatic refresh of data sources  ·  declined

  11. XPath 2.0 Connection debugger  ·  completed

  12. Support XLS & XLSX as a datasource  ·  completed

  13. Need browse button from the query pane in the Import Tag's Tag Editor  ·  declined

  14. Bring back the Gauge Tag  ·  declined

  15. Provide a better user interface for entering variables  ·  completed

  16. Disconnect DataSets from Datasources  ·  planned

  17. Preserve page number formatting across different sections in Word (AutoTag)  ·  planned

  18. Make Find/Replace work in header/footer  ·  declined

  19. Allow a .net JsonDataSourceImpl to be constructed using a .net stream  ·  completed

  20. Add the ability to format output data in Chart Tag

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